Which bedrooms in NYC have the most adorable cats?

With the holidays just around the corner, there’s no better time to make a big, big mistake with your cats and decide which bedroom is best for them.

So let’s explore the top-rated bedroom decor rentals for your pet.1.

The B-Bedroom The B is a great place for the house’s new baby, because it’s a little bit more spacious than the other B-bedrooms, and the cat love is strong.2.

The S-Bedrooms The S Bedroom is the most popular of the B-rooms, with a large amount of room for your little kitty, and a wide open space for your cat.3.

The A-Bed Rooms The A Bedroom gets the lion’s share of the top honors for its spaciousness, as well as a great view from the top floor.4.

The C-Bed Room The C Bedroom has the best views of the city.

It’s perfect for a romantic date or two.5.

The D-Bed The D Bedroom’s a great option for the cat lover.

It also gets the best view from a window, so it’s ideal for parties.6.

The E-Bed One of the best options for the B and C Bedrooms.

It gets the highest ratings from both cats and people.7.

The F-BedRoom If you want to be on top of the cat population, you can definitely make a play for this one.

The feline love for the area is strong, and it’s also spacious.8.

The G-Bed room The G Bedroom boasts a large yard for the cats, which is perfect for the groom and the two of them.9.

The H-Bed rooms The H Bedroom definitely gets the most love from cat lovers, because the space for them is big.10.

The I-Bed bedroom The I Bedroom also gets a lot of attention from cat owners, but it’s more compact than the others.11.

The J-BedThe J- Bedroom may not have as much space as the other three B-bedroom rooms, but the views are fantastic, and you can make your own bed.12.

The K-BedOne of the easiest options for a cat lover, the K Bedroom doesn’t have as many options for decoration as the others, but if you like to make the bed look your way, it’s an ideal choice.13.

The L-BedThis one is the least popular of these bedrooms, and for good reason.

The cats love to sleep in the room with you, and this can make for a good bed for a couple.14.

The M-BedIf you want more room for the kitty to roam around, this is your bedroom of choice.15.

The N-BedWith the addition of the L- and J-beds, you’re getting more room than you’d have with the other four bedrooms, which makes it the best choice for your kitty.16.

The O-BedA great option if you want a cat-free space, but you want it to be the best place for your pets to sleep.17.

The P-BedAn easy option for a kitty lover, but not one that cat owners like to go to often.18.

The R-BedWhen it comes to the space, the R Bed is the best option for cats and kitties.

The space is also the easiest to get into, which means you can relax in the moment and not worry about a messy mess.19.

The T-BedJust like the other two beds, the T Bed has plenty of room to play, which you can use to keep your pets occupied while you go about your day.20.

The U-BedWhile the other beds may not get the attention of the kittys, this one is popular among cats.

It has a wide-open space, which can be used for exercise or just for a nap.