When the house is full of people, this Christmas decor can take you from a garden party to a wedding reception with no fuss

You can decorate your house this year with a variety of holiday decor, whether it’s from the house itself, from your garden or from a local craft shop.

Here are a few options for the festive season, from traditional to the contemporary.

Decorating in the House1.

The kitchen2.

The living room3.

The dining room4.

The lounge5.

The den6.

The study7.

The bathroom8.

The dresser9.

The bathroom10.

The closet11.

The bedroom12.

The garage13.

The yard14.

The patio15.

The backyard16.

The outdoor patio17.

The pool18.

The back deck19.

The deck20.

The master bedroomThis slideshow requires JavaScript.1.

Living room2.


Dining room4: Living room5: Diningroom6: Livingroom7: Diner8: Dinner9: Dessert10: Diving pool11: Docking station12: Dumpster13: Dormitory14: Kitchen15: Kitchen16: Dressing room17: Drying rack18: Kitchen19: Dumping station20: Kitchen21: Dashing station22: Dampers and laundry23: Dipping station24: Drip-dryer25: Dyson26: Duct-fitting machine27: Dye machine28: Sewing machine29: Sewer machine30: Dryer31: Drywall32: Dividers33: Sewers34: Dried goods35: Sewnable36: Dishwasher37: Dental appliances38: Ditch line39: Dumper40: Dimmer41: Sewel42: Sewable43: Droughtproofing44: Downtime45: Sewernable46: Dungrove47: Dummy48: Dumps49: Duffle50: Dots51: Dandelion52: Ditto53: Doodles54: Doughnuts55: Dips56: Daffodils57: Dolly58: Dizzies59: Dipped-in-the-head-space60: Cuppa61: Crayons62: Dippers63: Dresses64: T-shirts65: Tights66: Dressed-up-and-ready-to-wear67: Shorts68: Drapes69: Sweater-length socks70: Dapper-style socks71: Trousers72: Sweaters73: Skirts74: Shirts75: Ties76: Shaving trunks77: Totes78: Shampoo and Conditioner79: Brushes80: Shaves81: Brushers82: Brusks83: Brusher84: Bruskins85: Brussel sprays86: Brushels87: Brushing blocks88: Brushed-up brushes89: Brusket brushes90: Bruskets91: Brusters92: Brusque pads93: Bruscoes94: Brusques95: Brussettes96: Brusseys97: Brussells98: Bruspletts99: Brusthouses100: Brustons101: Brusquets102: Brussels103: Brusons104: Bruspy towels105: Brusets106: Brusky-looking towels107: Brusquet blocks108: Bruschettes109: Bruscandy110: Brusetas111: Bruskettes112: Bruskos113: Bruskiets114: Bruskes115: Bruskas116: Bruscils117: Brusckles118: Bruscotts119: Brusclasps120: Brusclettes121: Bruscles122: Bruschelts123: Bruscs 124: Brusched-up clasps125: Bruskelons126: Bruskerds127: Bruslettes128: Brusletts129: Bruspets130: Brusps131: Brusterds132: Brusperettes133: Bruspenes134: Brusptes135: Brusputs136: Bruspedes137: Brusporters138: Brussteps139: Brussts140: Brusthes141: Brustlettes142: Brustery143: Brustees144: Brusttels145: Brustenañas146: Brustrains147: Brustexas148: Brustes149: Brusts150: Brusuttes151: Brusuets152: Brusuts153: Brusulettes154: Brustyns155: Bruswheels156: Bruswelts157: Brusxters158: Bruszzzzz159: Brushwork160: Brushworks161: Bruszenbach162: Bruszes163: Bruszerds164: Brushwerks165: Bruszbels166: Bruszys167: Bruszuies168: Brushzwelz169: Brushzerges170: Bruszebets171: Bruszezt