When a woman walks into your home, what’s the first thing you want to do?

The most common answer for most people is to put up a window, but this year, you’re not only going to want to make sure you’re putting up a proper window, you might want to add a few decorations as well.

The first thing most people would do is put up the door.

This isn’t just a practical solution, it also lets them keep a look out for intruders, but it can be a real challenge.

That’s because the door can be quite tall, which can mean you need to get creative to keep it up.

There’s nothing wrong with a window with a door on it, but the door on this house will probably be taller than most people’s heads, so we’re going to need to go with a slightly less practical solution.

What You’ll Need: A large window A sheet of paper to mark the height of the window (optional)