When a Christian’s Christmas is About to Get a Whole Lot Worse

In the wake of last year’s terrorist attacks in Paris and the mass shootings in Connecticut, the American Christian has found itself grappling with the difficult choice of what to do with the holiday season.

Christian groups have lobbied hard for more tolerance and better protection for Christian holidays and the holidays themselves.

But in the wake to those events, many of them tragic, there has been a growing backlash against the holiday as it is celebrated by many in our country.

In 2016, there were more than 2,000 attacks against Christian institutions and churches.

Some of those were in retaliation for the shootings of churchgoers at a Bible study in Charleston, South Carolina, and the shooting at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston that killed nine people.

In 2017, there was a rash of shootings in Texas, including a deadly attack in Waco, Texas, that left five people dead and more than a dozen wounded.

The number of assaults on churches and synagogues has also soared.

Last month, two weeks before the start of the first week of Advent, the number of attacks on Christian buildings jumped by almost 60 percent, according to data from the Anti-Defamation League.

The New York Times noted that the number was a direct result of the violent protests that erupted during a prayer vigil for the church shooting victims in Dallas in January.

And there have been multiple attacks against churches and other religious institutions over the last two weeks.

“There is a growing sense of urgency to protect Christmas and the celebration of the holiday,” said Christopher W. Matthews, a spokesman for the Southern Poverty Law Center.

He added that there was an increasing number of reports of assaults and threats on churches.

“Many churches are afraid to open or reopen as Christmas Eve approaches,” he said.

“They are concerned that the violence will not be confined to churches.”

As Christians have been forced to confront the new threats, they have come up with some of the best decorations for the holidays.

In December, an atheist blogger on Facebook shared a picture of a Christmas tree he was planning to decorate with a pink unicorn.

“I have not read any books on Christmas but I am sure that this will be the most beautiful Christmas tree I have ever seen,” he wrote.

“You see this picture, what does it look like?

You can see how much love the creator has given to this tree.”

Other Christmas decor has been inspired by animals.

In October, a Facebook group of friends started a campaign called, “I’ll Make a Unicorn Unicorn for Christmas.”

It included a picture showing a red-tailed hawk and a unicorn.

The photo caption said, “The unicorn will be your new best friend, and will help you celebrate Christmas and celebrate the holiday in a way that is respectful and respectful of all life.”

The group was inspired by a similar campaign that also called for a unicorn to be made for a white woman’s birthday, but the unicorn was never created.

But the campaign quickly came under criticism for using animals, even when it was made by a Christian.

“It’s not that I don’t think it’s a great idea,” said Jessica Lippman, the editor of the blog The Biblio-Jew.

“But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are plenty of other great ways to celebrate Christmas, and that’s one of them.”

Lippmann said it was also important to remember that these animals were created for humans to enjoy.

“We can’t celebrate all the holidays the way that we did with dinosaurs and dinosaurs only,” she said.

But she added, “the idea that we can have a carnival and a zoo that’s all about us and we can all be a part of that, it’s not just not possible anymore.”

Another group called “Praise Our Animals” posted a picture on its Facebook page with a unicorn standing with a snowman and an ant.

The post said, in part, “When you see these pictures of animals, do you think about the fact that these were created by animals?

And if you think that maybe the animals weren’t created for us, then that’s fine.”

In December 2016, a woman named Kati Jones posted a photo of her homemade decorations.

“My intention with these pictures is to celebrate our animal friends and celebrate Christmas.

I have a big, fluffy, fluffy snowman.

It is my hope that I am making something for a group of people who are hurting and need something.

I also want to celebrate that they are just like us, that we are all equal and that we deserve each other.”

In addition to the decorations, there are other creative ways to decorat the holidays for Christians.

A video on YouTube called “Christmas is the New Halloween” showed a man decorating a coffin with a pumpkin and a Christmas spirit.

A Christmas light hung in the middle of the picture and an elf appeared to sing.

Another man put a Christmas sign on the coffin and used a light to illuminate it