‘The Perfect Christmas Home Decor’ in D.C.: ‘No Man’s Land’

D.M. Smith, a local architect and designer, said the home that his client designed for her would look good on her front porch, but that her kids would be better off in a home with a fireplace.

“I would love to have a fireplace,” he said.

He added, “We are trying to get rid of that [house] for our kids, and we want to be able to take the family there.”

“You just can’t have a house that is too large, too wide, too tall, too big.

It just can not be a house,” he added.

The D.D. Smith design firm specializes in residential and commercial decor, with more than 80 clients nationwide.

The firm also works with clients in the real estate business.

Smith said that for the next two weeks, he plans to work on designing the new house, which he said is being designed for a family of four.

After the design is completed, he said the architects will be working with the buyer to figure out how the home will look when completed.

Smith said the house will include a front porch that will allow the family to sit on the front porch with a view of the lake and the city skyline.

There will also be a fireplace in the living room, which will be open for guests to sit and watch the game, Smith said.

The D, D. D. Smith and Associates, located at 821 Pennsylvania Ave.

NW, is located just outside Washington, D, C. The office is located at 1601 Pennsylvania Ave., NW.

The home has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 2005.