‘The Christmas Menu’ by Denton and Associates has been updated to include more seasonal food

Denton & Associates, a New York-based firm, has added holiday meals to their Christmas menu.

The new items include a traditional Christmas meal called “the Christmas menu,” which includes roasted turkey, stuffing and ham with stuffing, and a “Christmas dinner” that features turkey, ham and stuffing.

Denton’s also added a new Christmas menu with holiday beverages such as tea, coffee and cider.

The company says it will be expanding its holiday offerings.

The updated menu has been available on Denton products for the past year.

The original menu featured a holiday meal called the Christmas menu, which included roasted turkey with stuffing and a ham and ham stuffing.

It also featured turkey, turkey, and ham stuffed with stuffing.

(Courtesy of Denton, Inc.)

Denton says it is adding a “holiday dinner” and holiday beverages to its Christmas menu that will include turkey, butter-baked turkey, breaded turkey, roast turkey, stuffed turkey, roasted turkey and ham.

Dinton is adding new seasonal foods and holiday items in their new menu.

The new Christmas items are also designed to reflect the holiday season, and will include: Thanksgiving Day turkey, baked turkey, fried turkey, Christmas pie with stuffing Thanksgiving Day ham, Thanksgiving Day pie with ham Thanksgiving Day sausage, Thanksgiving day sausage Thanksgiving Day potato stuffing Thanksgiving day potatoes Thanksgiving Day stuffing Thanksgiving meal, turkey soup, turkey salad Thanksgiving meal with ham and turkey Thanksgiving meal stuffing Thanksgiving night turkey, Thanksgiving night ham Thanksgiving night potatoes Thanksgiving night stuffing Thanksgiving dinner with turkey Thanksgiving dinner stuffing Thanksgiving evening turkey Thanksgiving night sausage Thanksgiving evening ham Thanksgiving evening potatoes Thanksgiving evening stuffing Thanksgiving dessert Thanksgiving dessert with turkey and turkey turkey Thanksgiving dessert stuffing Thanksgiving afternoon turkey Thanksgiving evening sausage Thanksgiving afternoon stuffing Thanksgiving side dish 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