The Christmas decorations at the National Christmas Tree are a perfect Christmas present

A group of men have taken to Instagram to share photos of decorations at Christmas time at the Christmas tree.

The post was shared by one user called “Kirby” who described the decorations as “decorating the tree” and also shared a photo of a man who had painted “Tyrant’s mask” and “Avengers” on the tree.

Kirby wrote on Instagram: “I have to say, Christmas is a great time of year to decorate and decorate in style.

There are many things you can decorate with.

But for Christmas I have to tell you about my favourite Christmas decorations.

They are the Christmas decorations on the National Decorating Tree in Edinburgh.”

The posts have been shared over 50,000 times and the hashtag #ChristmasDecoratingTrees has been trending worldwide.

One user called ‘Kirbys’ said the decorations were a perfect gift for his wife, who is a fan of Star Wars and said they would make her “really happy” this Christmas.

Another user called Kirbys said: “This is the best Christmas present I have ever received.

I got a very thoughtful gift card from a friend.

He even took the time to paint the trees himself and I love the colour scheme and the overall design.

It’s so thoughtful and so perfect.”

The National Christmas tree was established in 1921 by the Scottish Government and is a member of the National Trust.