The best places to eat, shop, and stay in Portland, Oregon

With winter finally here, and summer coming up, we decided to give our list of best places in Portland to the public for their suggestions.

Some were chosen purely based on the place and others based on what we found to be unique about them.

For our final pick, we’ve put together a list of places that are not only unique to Portland, but also in Portland’s history.

These places are places that we think we know, but that we didn’t realize until we were out exploring.

So, we hope you’ll join us in putting Portland’s best spots on your to-do list.

Portland has many unique places to go, and we’re just going to name a few.1.

The Lidl Portland is a great place to shop for a lot of things.

From the famous Lidls, to the classic downtown boutiques, to old-fashioned bars, Lids are an iconic and fun way to get dressed up.

Lids also have a reputation for being a place where people dress up like they’re from Portland, which is why we were so intrigued by the Lidles on the corner of 12th and Broadway.

Lidly and the rest of the Lids at Portland are located at the corner at Broadway and Broadway, right next to the LIDL at the old Oregon School for the Deaf.2.

The Bitter End If you’re looking for a place to go on a romantic weekend, you’re in luck.

The Portland Bitter end is a little less famous than the other Lids, but it’s a popular place to grab a bite to eat or grab a beer.

The place is located right next door to the Portland Biltmore.

It’s also worth mentioning that there is an indoor ice skating rink in the basement of the Bitterend.

It also has a full bar and grill, which might be the best part of the place.


The Humboldt A small and relatively unknown gem, The Humbert is a favorite of many in the city.

It was built in 1915 by the Humberts, the family who owned the Humbolds’ clothing factory.

The shop is located in the heart of downtown Portland and is a popular spot for a lunch or dinner date.


The Olde Portland Brewery This little gem in Portland is a classic spot to hang out at and drink a beer, if you’re feeling lucky.

Located on Broadway and 10th Avenue, the Olde is the heart and soul of Portland.

It is a good place to stop by and pick up a beer or two.

It has been open for more than 100 years and is well known for their award winning beers and cocktails.


The Sausage House This small, family owned shop was founded by the Sausages and is open seven days a week.

The owner of the Sueses, Sam, started the business as a little butcher shop.

It remains in business today as the Sles and the Butcher Shop.


The Cactus Bar This charming little restaurant on Broadway is located across from the Lighthouse.

The food is good and the beer is great.

The bar serves a menu of great beers from Portland and beyond.


The Barcraft Lounge A cozy little bar that serves great beers and has a great atmosphere.

The patio is great for a relaxing night out.


The Red Lion A great place for a good pint or two, and the Red Lion is the perfect place to get some outdoor dining.

It serves a great menu of burgers, seafood, salads, and more.

The dining area has a view out the window of downtown and a great view of the city below.


The Big Daddy Located at the end of Broadway, this small spot offers some of the best burgers and pizza in town.

It may not be the biggest spot, but the bar and restaurant is great and has great beer selections.


The Corner Located just across Broadway from the S&P and at the foot of Broadway between Broadway and 11th, The Corner is a very popular spot to grab some good beers.

The pub is well worth a stop for a drink.


The Blue Ridge Bar & Grill Located on Broadway between 11th and 12th Avenues, the Blue Ridge is a family owned and operated bar and bar that offers a diverse beer menu, great food, and an intimate atmosphere.

It does not disappoint.


The The Bistro A place for those who love a good beer and good food.

Located in the center of downtown, the Bistros is a unique place to catch a bite and a good drink.

It offers a wide variety of beer, wine, cocktails, and a few tasty sandwiches.


The Riverwalk Bar & Lounge Located in the Riverwalk at the intersection of Broadway and 7th Avenue between the