How to Get a Disney Christmas Tree

It’s not that you have to get a tree to have a Disney experience.But the world is a better place because of it.Here are the best ways to decorate a tree this Christmas:1.Make your own decor!You’ll need:a.A tree stand, a wood chopping board, and an ice cream scoop.b.A big, round wood chipper and a small, […]

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What is your favorite Disney Christmas decorations?

The latest Disney Christmas decor is up for grabs in the U.S. and around the world.Here are the top five Disney Christmas designs, according to the Wall Street Journal.It’s no secret that some Disney World decorating styles have become the envy of decorators everywhere.Disney has been known to incorporate Christmas trees and other holiday decor […]

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Why you should celebrate Christmas with a boho wall decoration

You may have already heard the story of how the original Christmas tree at Disneyland in California was cut down by the Great Depression.But the story isn’t quite as happy.The tree in question is a fake tree.The original tree is from Disneyland.It was installed in 1955 and has been used for years to decorate its […]

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How to decorate your house for Christmas

You may not want to use the Christmas decorations you already have, but you can decorate the house for the holiday with a couple of ideas from Disney.1.Make a treehouse for your homeThe Treehouse is a DIY project that can easily be done at home, but the treehouse you get for Christmas can be a […]

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