‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ author talks about new novel in her new book, ‘Fingers of Stone’ title ’50 Shades of Gray’ author tells story in new novel

“Fingers Of Stone” is the new book by bestselling author E.L. James and her husband, David James, that is the subject of the new film “Fifty Blades” starring Ashley Judd.“Fingers” was released in September.It is the first of James’ books that has been adapted into a feature film, the film’s producers told PEOPLE.The movie tells […]

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How to make cupcake decorations for 2018

The best places to buy and decorate cupcakes for 2019 are now on sale.That’s because of the wedding-themed decorating craze, which started in 2015.And it’s now grown to the point where you can find a lot of good stuff for weddings that you can’t find anywhere else.Here’s what you need to know about cupcake decoration.We’ll […]

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Which bathroom decor kits are right for your room?

What is the best bathroom decor kit for your home?This is a question that many are asking these days.The good news is that you don’t need to make your own or hire an expert to find the best kitchen or bathroom decor for your house.All you need to do is ask the experts in your […]

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