Pampas Grass Draped in Pampases Grass decor

PampAS, Brazil — As the sun began to set and the heat began to waft through the neighborhood, the grass on a nearby hill rose to a remarkable height.

The lush green vegetation, with its lush clusters of flowers and bright red leaves, seemed like it would grow on the mountainside.

But instead, a young man was walking the hill and the green canopy came crashing down.

“It was just incredible,” said Nuno Rodrigues, who said he witnessed the man’s fall and was too busy trying to get out of the way to help him.

“He fell and then he broke his arm.

So he’s on crutches right now.”

The man was identified as Ricardo Rodrigues Rodrigues.

He suffered serious injuries, but was able to walk by the hospital with his arm, he said.

The incident was captured on video, but it was not immediately clear what the man was doing on the hillside.

“It’s very difficult to get here,” Rodrigues said.

“There’s a lot of crime.

They’ve cut the road, but there’s no electricity or water.

I can’t go to the beach.

There’s no swimming.”

The mayor of the town of Pampasa, the municipality in which the incident took place, said the man had been visiting a friend who was in a hospital with a broken leg and needed help getting to the hospital.

He said the boy had also been hurt and was receiving medical attention.

“This is a tragedy,” said Maria Teresa Gomes, mayor of Pampsas municipality.

“The boy is still in hospital and we’re working on him.”

The city’s mayor said there had been no other incidents like this in the area in the last year.

Gomes said the municipality had issued a warning about the dangers of the area, but no one had ever been injured.

The mayor said the village had been in contact with the authorities and that the boy was being watched by security forces, who are now working to bring him back home.