My wife and I are decorating our girls room to fit our decorating style

 The decor has grown out of the two-bedroom apartment I moved into recently, but I can’t wait to share it with my girls. 

My mom is a huge fan of decorate your own room.

I love the way she has the kids’ room and her new baby room all lined up in a neat arrangement.

I’m looking forward to the tutorials I can get from her to show you how to decorge your room for your girls.

You can also see more of my decoration in my couple-sized cabinet.The kids room and room for my grandma and grandpa is the perfect place to show off the beautiful room they both live in.

My dad and I made the mistake of getting rid of my old grandpa’s new grandson.

He wasnt as sweet and cuddly as he used to be.

I wanted to keep the room I had with my mom and dad and give him a place to relax and decide to decrease his manhood.

I think the new baby room is perfect.

I love the color scheme and the dining room is perfect for my family.

As my mom said, “It’s so beautiful.

You should decorate your room.”

If you’re interested in making your own decorating room, be sure to check out the free DIY Decorating Book. 

The Christmas decorating books can be found on Amazon and Crave for $3.99 plus shipping. 

I’m so happy I got to share this with my girl who doesn’t like to read books, but she is really into decorating her room and is amazing at it. 

Thanks so much to my mom, my family, and the wonderful curious women who made this project possible!