How to make your 50th birthday decor in 30 days

How to Make Your 50th Birthday Decor in 30 Days, Part 1 by Liz Littrell.

I love this article because it makes me laugh, because I’ve always loved this article, and because I have a few friends who are in this same boat.

If you have a 50th anniversary party coming up, and you want to take a little bit of time to decorate it with a bunch of new decorations, here are 10 ideas that are easy and inexpensive to do within a day.


Make a cake to commemorate your 50 years of being in the news and the celebration of your 50 year anniversary, like a birthday cake for someone special or for yourself.


Make something to commemorate a special occasion or event, like the birth of a child, a wedding, or your birthday.


Make some party decorations or decorations to be used for parties or weddings.


Make party decor to decorates a room, a bar, a bedroom, a dining room, or anything else you might want to use in your 50-year anniversary party.


Make fun party decor or party decorations for an anniversary party to make the party even more special.


Make birthday cake decorations to celebrate your 50 birthday.

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Make Halloween decorations for your 50 anniversary or anniversary party or celebration.

How ToMake Halloween Decor for a Birthday Party by Liz M Lettrrell.


Make decorations for a party for someone you love or a family member you haven’t seen in years.

How Halloween Decoration is for Everyone by Liz J Lettrerell.


Make wedding or anniversary gifts or decorations.

HowtoMake a Wedding Decor Gift for Someone special by Liz A Lettresrell.


Make special birthday decorations for someone or a special event for your birthday or anniversary.

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How toMake Decorations for a Wedding or Anniversary Party: Howto Make Halloween Decorative Gifts for Someone in Your Life by Liz F Lettreon.

Happy Birthday, Liz!