How to get your Christmas decorations cleared from your house

NEW YORK — As Christmas draws closer, it’s time to clear your home from decorations.

In a report by NBC News, decorators say they are seeing an increase in requests for Christmas decorations.

According to the report, about 15% of home decor requests for decorations were from the U.S. and the U: New York City, Los Angeles, Miami and Boston, and San Francisco.

A total of 4,542 requests were received in the United States for Christmas decor, and 5,857 were received by New York, the report said.

It’s unclear how many Christmas decorations were cleared.

Some of the more popular requests included:New Year’s Eve lights, a Christmas tree, a tree for a friend, a card deck, a rosewood chair, a snowman, a red and white Christmas tree and a red carpet with Christmas lights.

It also asked for a Santa hat and a holiday tree for your loved one.

A few others included a Christmas card and an invitation to Christmas dinner.

The report also included the cost of decorations and said a $300,000 cost for a single Christmas decoration is expected to go into the neighborhood for each family.