How to decorate your office without losing your job

The most common job-related mistakes we see in offices around the world, according to research from the Pew Research Center, include: 1.

Unnecessary decorations.

Many office decorations don’t fit the office’s aesthetic, but they’re often unnecessary for any given project, especially for employees who don’t work in a creative office environment.


Lazy decoration.

Many offices have outdated wallpaper and decor that lacks interest or purpose.


Lack of space.

Many people do not have a place to put their office furniture, and so they use small, flat-topped desks to work.


Lacking decor.

The decor that decorates an office can look dated and doesn’t have much substance.


Unnecessarily messy work space.

Most office furniture is messy, and it can make the office more chaotic, with less personal space to communicate.


Lack of privacy.

An office with only one person, or even only one employee, can make it difficult for someone to find their way to their desk.


Not working in an environment that encourages creativity.

People in creative offices typically have fewer distractions, like loud music, and are more likely to explore new ideas and explore a new job.


Lack in creativity.

Most offices have a lot of noise and other distractions that are distracting.


Not having enough office space.

It’s easier to work in an office with a lot less space than an office that has space to do more.


Not allowing employees to collaborate.

Some offices don’t allow employees to work remotely or to share work projects.

This is often because employees feel isolated and are not able to get involved in their work.