Holiday decorations at lemon kitchen: How to make Christmas decorations for the kids

New year, New York.

The holidays are here.

And the kids love them.

For a few weeks, the lemon kitchens are home to Christmas decorations that kids can decorate themselves.

The kids have the freedom to make whatever decor they like.

And it works for them, too.

“It’s so simple to make,” said Katie O’Neill, the mother of two daughters, one of whom is a fourth-grader.

“The kids don’t need a lot of guidance.”

The first few weeks of Christmas are when parents can get creative with their decorating.

There’s the little tree, the red-and-white striped cake, the holiday cookies.

The little white carol, which is actually a Christmas card.

The family has already decorated a Christmas tree, but O’Neills said the kids can also decorate the house, like a Christmas carol.

But it’s not just decorations that parents can decorating with.

“Kids can do everything from reading to making their own presents,” O’Neil said.

The house also comes with a lemon cupboard and a gift basket.

For kids who don’t have the time to spend hours crafting or painting their own decorations, the kitchen offers plenty of options.

“They can put together their own decor or they can have it made,” said Kelly Estrada, the mom of two children, ages 8 and 9.

“A little something for their own Christmas and it’s a nice way to spend the holidays.”

“It is the best way to start the year off with,” said Estradas daughter, 9-year-old Olivia.

The kitchen is open to the public for lunch and dinner on Wednesdays and Fridays, and closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

O’Brien said it’s great to have the kids hanging out at the kitchen because they can take turns helping out.

“I love it when I can go out and see how happy they are and have them come up to the kitchen,” she said.

“Because it makes it so much easier for them to make their own things.”

O’Connell said there’s something to be said for giving kids an opportunity to try their hand at making their decor.

“If they get the idea, they’re really happy,” O’day said.

And she said the decorating is a good way to make it fun for everyone to help make Christmas for everyone.

“My daughter and I are always excited about decorating and it always helps when she gets a little help, because it means they’re making something that she can enjoy,” OConnor said.