‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ author talks about new novel in her new book, ‘Fingers of Stone’ title ’50 Shades of Gray’ author tells story in new novel

“Fingers Of Stone” is the new book by bestselling author E.L. James and her husband, David James, that is the subject of the new film “Fifty Blades” starring Ashley Judd.

“Fingers” was released in September.

It is the first of James’ books that has been adapted into a feature film, the film’s producers told PEOPLE.

The movie tells the story of two sisters who fall in love with each other.

James said she and her wife have been waiting for the opportunity to tell their story to the world.

“We wanted to make it as close to real as possible,” she said.

“I’ve had a lot of people ask me about it and I don’t know why, but I’m not sure why.

We just wanted to tell a story about love.

It’s a great book and I hope people get to read it.”

The book that we’re writing is a story of love and redemption and redemption. “

It’s a different kind of book than Fifty Shades.

The book that we’re writing is a story of love and redemption and redemption.

I don of course have a lot more to say about that than most people.”

James said that she and James and their son were thrilled to be making the movie.

“The last couple of years, we’ve been talking about this idea that we were trying to make a film,” she explained.

“We’ve been in conversations with some big names, and I’m very excited to be in the film.

I hope that the film is a success and we can do something with it.”

James and her family have also had a number of other projects in the works, including a novel that she is currently writing.

She told PEOPLE that the story will be her “first time in the spotlight.”

“I’m trying to get a book out and I think the idea is that I’ll be the first person to read and say, ‘This is what it’s like to be an adult,'” she said of her book.

“The book is about a person who is a teenager and then a teenager is a grown woman.

She’s going through a lot.

I’m going to tell that story in the way that I was trying to tell it in the book.

That’s what I hope it is, I hope there’s a real story behind it.””

Fifty Eyes” is one of James most successful books.

The title character is a 14-year-old girl who, while studying at the same school as her parents, finds out she’s the daughter of a powerful, wealthy family.

The novel tells the tale of the family’s downfall, including the death of their son, who died in a car crash.

“It was a tough year,” James said.

The story “was very, very hard for me.

It was very hard to write because I had so much to do, but the one thing I did was to read every book that I could.”

James is currently preparing to speak at the National Book Festival on Wednesday.

“When I’m reading, I’m thinking about the future, what’s happening now,” she told PEOPLE, explaining that she’s focusing on the “future” of the book with her upcoming book.

James also revealed that she has been working on a book about her life and her journey.

“Fits” is set to be published in October.

“They’re all about how to live your life, how to find happiness, and how to build a good foundation for the rest of your life,” she continued.