Easter decorations at apartment complex in North Vancouver

A large group of decorators from across the city are preparing to turn their winter wonderland into a home decoration.

A group of artists have gathered at a home in North Shore, and will be turning it into a beautiful winter wonderfest.

Artistic director of The Studio Group Mark Williams said the group is a collaboration between the city and the Vancouver Art Gallery.

They’re going to be creating winter decorations in a space that’s a mix of contemporary and contemporary elements.

The artisans are also putting in a lot of energy into the decorating, he said.

The Vancouver Art Group will be putting in many hours of work to decorate the apartment, he added.

We’re going back into the kitchen to make the decorations look like they are from the 1800s and we’re going into the living room to make it look like it was from the 1950s.

We’re also going to work on the kitchen countertops, and the bathroom to create that authentic feeling that the home has always had.

Williams said he’s hoping the decorators will be able to complete the project in time for the Easter holiday.

A winter wonderhouse in North Beach, where the team is making winter decorations.

With files from The Canadian Press