Disney Christmas decorations are being used to decorate rooms in a cabin in Texas

News of a Disney Christmas decoration being used in a family’s home for the holidays has led to speculation the decorations may be a prop.

According to local news station KHOU, Disney is decorating the room in the family’s cabin in Dallas with Christmas decorations.

The room is said to have the decorating crew’s own logo on it.

The cabin owner, a retired construction worker, told KHOU he bought the decorations from a local crafts store.

The owner said the decorations cost $1,000 each, and he is planning to give them to his kids.

The decorating company, The Big House, told the Dallas Morning News that the room was purchased by the family last year for Christmas.

“We are working on it right now and we will have the final touches on it in the next few days,” The Big Houses general manager, Matt McFarland, told KXAN.

“This is something we’ve been doing for several years.”

McFarland said the company has been trying to get the family to decorating it for the past year.

“This is a family business,” he said.

“They are doing this for their kids and their family.

They love it.

They have never had a complaint before.”

The Big House has worked with Disney on the decorations for the last few years, McFarion said.

The company also did the decorations last year in California for a family who has a small home in the area.

The Big Houses decorating team said it plans to use a different decorating technique to decorates the room, including a new wood that will be used for the floor and walls.

McFarion added that they are “very excited” about the decorations and plan to decorator it for Christmas, but would not disclose when the decor will be finished.

The Big house will be making a new room for the next family Christmas celebration.

McKenzie Lee, the owner of The BigHouse, told Fox Sports the decorator, Matt McLaughlin, was able to make the room for Christmas last year.

McLaughlin has worked at The Bighouse for the better part of 20 years.

He told KHou that the decorators first visited the family cabin and were able to decorated the room before it became a real home for them.

McDonald’s announced a similar decoration in November, but it was later removed from the site, according to the Dallas Observer.