Cheap Home Decor Store Opens in Chicago as ‘Lockers Don’t Sell’

A new home decor store in Chicago is offering “lockers don’t sell” decor, with prices ranging from $35 to $300.

The stores, called Lockers Don, offer lockers for people to rent or sell items for less than $50 a week, said owner Jody Epps.

It’s a concept that she said is very similar to Airbnb’s rental stores.

Epps said the idea behind the store was to give people a better sense of security, knowing that they would not be harassed if they didn’t want to rent the space out.

The store has already sold out of the first few months it has been open, Epps told CNNMoney. 

“We have more than a thousand people on our waiting list,” she said. 

The store also sells jewelry, handbags, clothes, shoes and accessories.

Epps said she has been inundated with emails from people wanting to rent lockers, so she started a new company called LockerCodes, which is based in Denver.

It currently has two stores in the United States, and Epps plans to expand it to five cities next year.