A new Christmas gift from a Florida family could be the beginning of a new life

A Florida man is taking a little bird cage decorating to the next level.

After all, the bird cages of Christmas in the past have been made from a variety of materials and the process is quite labor intensive.

That is until now, when a Florida couple bought a bird cage and made it into their own personal Christmas ornament.

Now the couple is decorating the bird cage with their own decorations, with their daughter even creating their own little “Christmas Tree” and hanging it in their backyard.

The couple’s son, who is a professional artist, also designed the bird enclosure and they have plans to have the tree hanging outside their home.

“We really like this tree, we have two different styles, the traditional one and the modern one,” said Jason Johnson, the father.

Johnson said he and his wife, Amy Johnson, were thrilled to finally get their own home made Christmas tree.

“It is very cute, very pretty, we wanted a Christmas tree to hang around our house,” Johnson said.

“I actually think this will be a good Christmas gift for someone that is going through some financial hardships,” Amy Johnson added.

“And for me it’s a gift to have a Christmas present for somebody that is struggling with money,” she said.

The holiday decorations, which cost around $20, are made from natural materials and are covered in silver and gold paint.

They are also decorated with an image of a Christmas Tree with a bird on it and the words, “Happy Holidays,” and the name of the tree.